Allegheny Energy Transmission Lines In West Virginia
TrAIL case: 09-1758-E-C Links:
    2009-10-19: Complaint filed October 19th 2009 with the Public Service Commission claiming Allegheny Energy (TrAILCo) non-compliance with PSC orders: 2009-10-19_Complaint.pdf   .
                Complaint with figures: 2009-10-19_complaint_w_figs.pdf
    2010-01-19: Summary Statement by complainants: 2010-01-19-Complainants-summary-all.pdf
    2010-01-19: Response by complainants to TrAILCo motion to compel discovery: 2010-01-19-Complainants-Response-to-Motion-to-Compel.PDF
    2010-04-23: Request by complainants for a hearing concerning non-compliance by TrAILCo: 2010-04-23_Complainants_hearing_request_on_PSC.pdf
    2010-04-30: Additional evidence of non-compliance in clearing for TrAIL, Prickett Creek: 2010-04-30_Complainants_on_PrickettCr.pdf
                Map and photos of TrAIL crossing of a branch of Prickett Creek.
    2010-05-05: North River crossings by TrAIL, clear-cut: 2010-05-05-Complainants-on-North-River.pdf
                Map and photos of TrAIL crossing branches of the North River
    2010-06-07: Clarification on Prickett Cr. and North R. filings: 2010-06-07_Complainants_clarification.pdf
    2010-06-08: Additional photos supporting original complaint re: TrAILCO clearing: 2010-06-08_Complainants_photoCD.pdf
                Links to photos

    2011-03-25: Request by the citizent complainants for TrAILCO to replant trees and for other relief. 2011-3-25_Complainants__Requested_Relief-c.PDF
    2011-05-12: Order by the Public service Commission scheduling a hearing on the case for July 15, 2011. 2011-05-12_PSC_order_sched_hearing.pdf

This page is maintained by John Coleman, who is involved in a case with the WV-PSC regarding the TrAIL power line project. Stewards of the Potomac Highlands has provided this web space as a publlic service; Stewards is not involved in the case with the PSC.